3 Poems In Isreal

Tel Aviv: Live like it can all end in 8 minutes, Because it can. Love like your life depends on it, Because it does. Amazing vegan food and vegans. We caught your infectious laugh sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe.… Continue Reading

Coaching for 2017

Will you be your greatest in 2017? I still have a spot or two left for 2017 if you want personalized, individual coaching to help you reach your goals. With limitless contact, a 100% custom plan, and the motivation and… Continue Reading

Coaching for 2017!

I am accepting athletes for 2017. I have coached athletes for Ironman Kona, 70.3 World Champions, IUT World Championships, USAT Nationals as well as marathon champions, ultra runner champions, USAT and USA Cycling pros but also love working with athletes… Continue Reading

Here Is What I Know

(An actor I know sent me this: http://www.leslimargherita.com/here-is-what-i-know and I thought a version for elite athletes was needed since both deal in absurd amounts of failure and negative feed back). I work with a lot of talented athletes who have… Continue Reading