“we live in fear of our own potential. to win or lose is all in our own hands.” – Rise Against I was in Jack Rabbit Sports flipping through the mags and saw a current cover with Crowie on it.… Continue Reading

Podcast with me and Guru

Want to know what it sounds like when I sit down and review the prior year and plans for improvement for the next year? Listen to my brother from a southern mother big sex Bobby:


Goals In 2012

I reject your nothingness I am your no one no more. -108 I dropped a novel worth of emails on my coach. Mostly about training for 2012 and improvements. Then I realized I didn’t know what I was training for… Continue Reading

Giant Stick

this is a game we call “giant stick”. during our pre-dawn urban hike I swing a tree around and toss it and Coraline gets it. Its one of the many off season cross training things I do. Along with watch… Continue Reading