Zen Tri Day 4

“Southern California will destroy you.” – Bad Religion Day 4 came and people seemed to want to suck up every second and at 6 am the house was buzzing. A bunch of us headed out on a run along the… Continue Reading

NYC Ironman Spots

Team Continuum after selling out all ya spots for Ironman got more! Want into this race that sold out in half an hour? Want to help people fighting cancer? Want to get coaching from me and do some great workouts… Continue Reading


Zentri Day 3

“I know your smart, you mentioned it before.” Helmet Day 3 came with a lovely ride during sunrise. Legs were pissed off from the double run with silly winter speed work so the ride was fun but nothing special. After… Continue Reading

Zentri Day 2

“California ubber alias California ubber alias.” – Dead Kennedys day started with a sweet run along the beach at dawn. My man Billy Boy took it out to hard and I struggled to not get dropped so I decided to… Continue Reading

SLB Photo Gallery

You know you want to go (sign up here: http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=12945) ! photos here:¬†www.stronglikebulltraining.com  

Jail House Strength Training

Just in time for holiday travel, its a prison workout video I did. If I can strength train in a shead with milk crates you can anywhere you are this week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDWdyZGASBI&context=C36ad70bADOEgsToPDskJGJphRUpukKejU3FpjIh0T Prison Workout