Day 15

“lets do something stupid.” – Bobby When you are too tired to train, race. I know, its dumb, but its so stupid its smart or as my coach Jim Ortel would say, “its so stupid its stupid.” Which is why… Continue Reading

Days 11 and 12

Day 11 “This one goes to 11.” – spinal tap. Today was rough by design. The hardest workout and deep into training. 112 hilly miles as fast as I could (and much climbing as I could find) and 8 miles… Continue Reading

Days 6 and 7

Day 6  “Madre te sento bajo mid pies” My long runs all fall sucked. I was slow and heavy. Miserable and stiff. When I saw I was running my normal pace of 7:35 for this workout I had hope that… Continue Reading

Day 3

Day 3  Burn it all again at a million degrees- Slipknot  Today was a break through for me. I haven’t run well all fall and was worried. I was also fat. Anyways today was a cracker and with some ppl… Continue Reading

DAY 1 and 2

Day 1 and 2  “New does not best. I am sick of being right about everything I said.” Slipknot  I am racing Israman. The hardest race I ever did. Training the last few months have been solid and I am… Continue Reading