Calendar of Free Group Workouts and Camps

October: Saturday Before the NYC MARATHON. 8:30am Columbus Circle. Join me for a tour of the final 7 miles of the NYC Marathon, hosted by

November / December:

Strong Like Bull Training Prep rides. Weekends mornings 50-100 miles, base effort. This event is free. Please contact me for ride details and to join.

January: Join me in Israel if you are there as we prep for Israman!

February / March:

Strong Like Bull Training Camp.  Details and reg is at Southern Spain. Train with pros, age groupers and have the adventure of a life time. All inclusive camp including food, transportation within Spain, sag wagon, yoga instructor and more! This is the highlight of the year! Camp fees apply.


ERC Bike Racing Team. Join us for some local and regional bike races! Joining the team is free.


ERC-FEST: CREW, ERC Road Team, and SLB athletes get together for a sick FREE training camp. Amazing place people and training! Famed 5 Mountain challenge, open water swimming and trail running all set in a gem of New England. This event is free.


Weekly group runs alternating between Prospect Park and Red Hook Track Every Wednesday night at 7pm. These are hosted by the Brooklyn Tri Club. After 3 workouts youwill be asked to join the team for a small fee.


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