3 Poems In Isreal

Tel Aviv:

Live like it can all end in 8 minutes,
Because it can.
Love like your life depends on it,
Because it does.
Amazing vegan food and vegans.
We caught your infectious laugh sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe.
In the protection of an iron doom.
We came to do an ironman triathlon.
Nothing is sillier than spandex and going in circles.
Nothing more grave than children in camo with machine guns hanging off their shoulders as they balance cell phones and Saphoria bags and navigate the mall like a modern day Vishnu.

Do you laugh louder?
Sing deeper?
Hug longer?
Love bolder?
Tel Aviv. I see you clawing your way into the future. Rough hands from real work.
Rising out of desert trying to make every choice based on your hopes not fears.
Living like it can all end in 8 minutes,
Because it can.
Loving like your life depends on it.
Because it does.


We toasted ‘next time in Jerusalem”
In Jerusalem.
For the third time.
So now we get ice cream.
I will have mine on Jafa Street.
Watching break dancing to electric violin, after seeing earnest young men in their first bands.
everywhere a stranger.
Everywhere else strange.

No one knows home like a wander.
And finally again home. Here.
Fiercely home.
This cross roads of east and west.
Of old and ancient.
Stepping through Dung Gate.
Stepping back 2000 years.
Walls and domes and walls and tombs and walls.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and try to not hit a nerve.
I only pray in all of Jerusalem. I only pray for all of Jerusalem.

The Negev:

Standing here watching the sunrise over Jordan
And Moonset over Egypt
And I can feel myself sinking in this Great Rift

The Dead Sea can’t get more lifeless
And it’s vanishing in the process
The sunrise over Jordan use to be magic
But standing here alone it just feels tragic
I made a wish in Jafa but black hawks were in the way
So the Sea said no and said come back another day.
And I can feel the direction of the plates shift
And I can feel us drift
And I know this Valley is getting deeper
And I sink deeper into this rift.
Endless anxiety and insecurity
And rules and walls don’t bring security
An endless horizon that never fills no matter how much I love you, Negev.
I am standing on the edge of crater.
That collapsed under the wait of water.
When things are fluid they are the most destructive.
Water scares and marks this desert.
Wearing the scares doesn’t tell you where you are. Just where you have been.
But your not alone here.
The sun is rising over Jordan.
The moon is over Egypt.