Coffee Snob 1.6

Hello and welcome to my favorite part of endurance sports; coffee. I know a lot of great athletes, and we all seem to LOVE to drink coffee, so writing this series is one of my greater joys. All my coffees featured come from here and can be ordered from there as well: 

Colombia Cauca Laurentino Quinto:

This roast comes from a small family farm and was offered by Boston Common Coffee as a way of supporting the local family owned business called micro lots. Oddly, I kinda felt like I could taste that in the coffee. Or maybe coffee just makes me happy.

The farms that grown Colombian Cauca are generally high altitude and seem to have a very full flavor with tartly sweet and rich but tones though that really just translates into a medium roast taste that doesn’t feel thin in your mouth. I would recommend this for a pre ride coffee as it’s a lighter body but very satisfying taste without being hard on ones guts and gives a nice buzz.
Ethiopian Moka Harrar:
Crafted with dry fruit often dried directly in the African sun still on the trees this coffee beams with flavor. It is one of the more distinct flavors and tastes. Using a special process used by only a hand full of coffee growers called  the “wet method” the coffee is infused with the fruit flavor which is what defines the taste of the Moka Harrar. This coffee is a one of a kind and being Ethiopian it’s also a nice kick in the butt when it comes to getting you ready to race the world. I combined mine with listening to Hatebreed and walking while muttering to myself until I was ready to take on the world.