Coffee Snob: African Addition

fI got two amazing African roasts From Boston Common Coffee! I always loved Ethiopian coffee and get one every time we go to our favorite restaurant which is Ethiopian food (I strongly suggest the combo plates). So I was really excited to drink some African Java!

The first coffee was ETHIOPIAN SIDAMO. It’s from Africans famous Great Rift Valley often considered the birthplace of humans and interestingly coffee. We are clearly linked.

There is the famed hillside called Sudamo which produces a more sweet and a hint of citrus and maple syrup like body and almost a hint of a something like a very dark chocolate. I drank this daily while running 103 miles in Vermont so syrup was on my mind and so was the need for a coffee that didn’t leave me begging for more. This coffee delivered both a great taste and a nice boost of every for my morning runs up mountains not unlike where the beans come from.

The second coffee was ZIMBABWE SMALDEEL ESTATES. This was a real surprise as my experiences with other African roasts were very strong and this was amazingly mild. The low acid made this perfect for working out and training; but it didn’t fail me in the “awwwww yeah” department. In fact this was the race day coffee for my most recent win the Tyathlon. This coffee went down smooth like Sunday morning, even if your Sunday morning is crushing yourself to win a race. Like the other it hard lovely hints of flavor, berry-toned, but all very subtle.