4 races and a lot of training in 9 days. 

“I didn’t now yet what I knew when I was bleeding.” – Dax Riggs 

6 weeks ago I head to block island, 10 pounds over race weight, and having done no training and minimal exercise generally. I had taken up a pull up and core routine I did on the dog walks and ran home 3 times a week which was 5k each time and at some point I started mixing in upper body strength and conditioning with an eye at OCR. But Block Island and Memorial Day weekend marked the beginning of trying to build some real fitness. 

My top 5 at Spartan Worlds last fall gave me a free seasons pass and while originally I wanted to race the 4 events they hold in 9 days in early June I knew that wasn’t possible on a week of training. 

I truly dislike “fun” races because there is nothing fun about getting my ass kicked. I have too much pride and ego to show up to get crushed by people I normally compete with but with so little spartan and ocr experience I knew I needed to go to these and honestly they are fun, like visiting a play ground made by a sadist, and the quality of the event is good. Music, expo, give aways, and all the trappings of a major event and a great location on a local ski hill.

I set a new goal for myself: to make it through the obstacles. To my joy I cake walked through the course doing some of the things I had struggled with twice like the bucket carry. This built a ton of confidence going forward. I did miss the spear throw all 4 times but stayed there and threw them until I made it. Since then I also threw 50-100 spear tosses in training and feel good about my skills going forwards there. 

After three weeks of training and 4 of those events I was fitter, more confident, more experienced and able to get down to the business of getting lean and fast. 

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