All the time for that one time 

Sometimes you will be so sore you won’t be able to walk and you have to find a way to run. Sometimes you have to silent the screaming in you legs, and keep peddling. 

Sometimes you have to extinguish the burning in your lungs with the sweat from your face. 

Sometimes you have to jump into the water and swim, when your mind is a dark and black as the lake you are diving into. 

Sometimes you have to find one more rep when your legs tremble and your will cracks. 

You do this all for that one time. 

For that one time when you swam so effortlessly the water seemed to move you forward as you glided on top of it. 

For that one time when you felt so strong it was like you were riding without a chain.

For that one time when your feet felt like they were running on air. 

For That one time when you cross the line and you knew your own greatness. 

We train all the time for one time. 

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