Coffee Snob 1.3

Coffee Snob 1.3 
Time for my favorite topic and hobby again, drinking coffee! This coffee post is a bit different because it’s two different types of coffees people know less; Boston Common’s Decaf and their Espresso. 


The first sounds like “why does it even matter, bro, it’s freaking decaf?” Except here is the thing, decaf allows for all the taste, joy and healthy benefits (loaded with anti-oxidants) of coffee without the jolt that some people can’t abide. For me I had Over Training Syndrome and my doctor suggested I try to not mask my insane fatigue with caffeine and that this would promote recovery and rest. But I missed, deeply, tragically and painfully missed the joy of a hot beverage on a cool morning. I love the ritual and warmth and the way it makes me poop. What? 


The problem with many decaf coffees is that they use a process that leaves the coffee with chemicals that some folks don’t want. Not Boston Commons which uses a decaffeination process that water, not chemical based. The result is coffee that taste likes coffee and not toxins that may kill you. The flavor of the decaf was medium, like the straight line between all coffees. The mean of all beans. Exactly what you think of when you think of coffee taste, which is perfect for a decaf. 

It’s a common misconception that espresso is high caffeine. I suspect it’s the word itself that sounds fast and intense. Like its the “express” way to get caffeine into your brain. But the government says a serving of espresso has only 62mg of caffeine vs 150 for a small coffee and 300 go a medium Starbucks. This makes it the perfect beverage for those who want to keep caffeine levels down, like me. It’s also the most versatile of coffee choices. You can just have it as a “solo” or “shot.” You can also have it with a dap of steamed milk (or soy or almond milk” and it’s a macchiato or with a bit more milk and you have my fav the cortado. Add more and you get a cafe con letche or latte. Add water and it’s an americano. Steam the water and serve with and Aussie accent and you get a flat white (all the hipster rage). See how fun this is??? 

But like coffee espresso has flavor. Some are bitter and strong tasting, a popular trait for costal American roasts. Others are smooth and rich; a more European taste. Boston Common is much more European like your sitting in a Spanish or Italian plaza. I suggest paring it with olives, fresh baked bread and bikes.