SLB XI Camp 2 Reflections

SLB XI Camp 1 reflections 
“Every tool is weapon if you hold it right.” – ani 

SLB started 11 years ago because I was racing early and needed a warm place to train to work on my weakness: cycling. Spain was picked because it’s epic, and the Costa Del Sol area because it’s where much of the European pro roadies go to live and train this time of year. Lastly international travel is an adventure and how you grow as a person. 

For the first time in a long time I didn’t have an early “A” race planned so I can into camp under trained and hoping to not over do it. That is impossible as I discovered. There is no easy way here. It’s big rides, climbs, swims, runs, core work and punishment. I am exhausted ; But I couldn’t be happier with the monster I gave birth too even as it devours me. 

It would be easy to begrudge the pain. But the reality is even without this being a critical step to some race; it still holds all its value. For the first time in a long time; coming the camp and doing the camp was the ends in and of itself. I am here, to be here; and just be here this year (my big races are all later summer fall and next winter). This change in perspective and purpose has given me a new relationship to the experience. I have been able to just enjoy it; even as it shatters me physically (and enjoy the physical shattering even).

Finally after 11 years I can just look around undistracted by my own training goals and marvel at all the athletes encouraging each other. The breath taking views (Bc they make you climb 6000 feet to see them) and the local culture: the Alhambra, the Moorish baths, the Roman arches and the 900 year old churches. My legs are tired but my spirit is full and heart aches with gratitude at all the people that have come here and contributed to SLB and made it a truly special community. It’s magical, pure and simple. 

Thank you to everyone who came last week. The way you pitched in, in both helping make the camp run well and with so much positivity was amazing. We love you. 


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  1. Nice, Johnny.
    The camp is so great for the legs, but it’s also wonderful for el corazon.

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