How To Cheer For Football. 

As an endurance sports athlete you might not know anything about football or any team sports. But you can’t talk cyclo cross results in the break room
so let me help with this handy guild of who to cheer for and against.  Besides it the play offs.

New York Giants (for): my team. Grew up with NYC TV and my godfather was a giants fan. Add Lawrence Taylor who I idolized for his sheer intensity (my single most important trait as an athlete) and it was on.
Colts (against): colts left a good Union working class town in the middle of the night breaking the hearts of the city. They then moved into a dome. Domes have no business in football. Plus they moved to a wing state and a right wing town. I loath them.

Pittsburg (for): rust town, and a fan base that lives and dies with their team. Fans that care that much always make me cheer for them. Tough guy coaches and teams with manly swagger too.

Patriots (for and against): they cheat, they cut beloved players. They win. I love how they play the heel. I want them to win so we can keep hating on them for winning; for cheating; for knocking up super-models and killing people in Hartford.

Denver and Seattle (for): outdoors, bad weather, bad ass fans; and weed is legal. I don’t smoke but I hate drug laws. Get high mile high I got your back. Also what the hell is a Sea Hawk anyways?

Washington (against): I love DC and lived there. Your name is racist as f$(k and your owner a total d-bag. Change your name and we can talk.

Buffalo (for but it’s complicated …): awful winter and they play outside and it’s town America forgot, total under dogs. But I love that they lost 4 Super Bowls in a row: that was so brutal and I can’t help but love that kind of pain. You aren’t as racist as DC but Buffalo Bill was a dbag who killed Buffalo to starve Indians so rethink your name maybe?

Miami, Jax, Tampa Bay Carolina, Tenn and Arizona (against): football needs snow. Sorry. It’s nothing personal.

Dallas / Huston (against): hate Texas so hard. Dallas is arrogant and Huston is still Texas filled with Texans.

Oakland (for): love death metal vibe, and sick fans who come out when the team sucks. Add the black uniforms and bad ass marketing and the fact that it’s the gritty city next to the tech hub of rich kid transplants and I wish you all the best.

Green Bay (for): cold, outside, sick fans; and the own the team. Socialism for the win.

Cleveland and Baltimore (for): rust towns that got new teams and redemption. I also loved the intensity Ray Lewis brought; reincarnation of Lawrence Taylor. Also my bad had great shows in both those places.

Detroit and NOLA (for): yes they play in domes but they need them as shelter for the poor during emergencies so they get a pass. Detroit is so jacked up anything they get that’s good you want them to have; and NOLA is so awesome to visit you can’t help but love the Big Easy.