Pagan Man! 

What is Pagan Man? It’s an all day training challenge. There is no one pagan man. The only rule is that you train from sun up to sun down on the shortest day of the year (or weekend closest to it). The point was to build a nice base during this base building time of year. So mix in anything you want, as much cross training as you want. And just be active for the entire day! In the sat I have done any combo of cross country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, cycling, running and gym work. 

This year on 12/19 I plan to do the following and you are welcome to join me. I will be holding it out of my hood/apt. 

Sunrise on the solstice is 7:16 with sunset 4:31 here.

You can join me for all or some of it.

Pagan man:7:16 walk to pool. 7:45-8:30 swim.

Change Walk back 8:30-9:15. 

T1 breakfast


10-11 gym/strength cross training session (may move it outside if enough ppl come)

11:00-11:30 t2 prep for ride. 

11:45-4 group ride. 

4-4:31 brick run. 



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  1. Love this idea! I typically do this on my birthday in January. I get a day pass for Chelsea Piers and start with a yoga class, then the pool, then a run on the cambered track. They even have a computrainer setup. Finish the day by letting a nice Russian woman rub salt all over me. A good day!

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