Harryman Half 

“I am not sorry for the way I am…I am a god damn monster. ” -upon a burning body. 

 Photo: (dude let’s take podium selfies!) 

I came into Harryman the defending champ. Called “arguably the hardest half in the east” it’s a brut of a course due to the 2 mile steep climb

you do each of the 4 laps and a relentless run. 

The race go going with a stud swimmer dropping everyone. I followed with another strong swimmer and we came out of the water in 29 minutes and after a nice transition I was not far behind and took the lead within 5k. It was a swim course PR for me thanks Xterra Wetsuits! 

I felt good on the bike and just tried to push the bike as much as I could was way faster than last year. Valdora TT frames really are built to climb. The 4 lap bike give fair splits and good reminder to have a Carboom gel which I chomped on every 30-45 minutes.

 Half way through I saw Mitch West, complete tri stud, 6 times kona qualifier and Am Zof champ coming up on me. I was in the mood for a fight and it took him a full lap to drop me but ultimately he dropped me. Again a course PR, I got to thank Strong Like Bull where we ride big climbs and then C3 Racing my new road team for making me stronger on the bike. I tried to keep it close into T2 because I always have faith in my run. 
Out on the run I put on my Brooks ST Racers and the hammer down but couldn’t make progress and in fact Mitch has a lovely run too and quickly it became clear the podium was set with him on the top step and I cruised in second making sure third stayed third. 
Lost my title but lost it to a stud and friend and had a course PR on the swim, bike and run. 

I can’t recommend this race highly enough.