“we live in fear of our own potential. to win or lose is all in our own hands.” – Rise Against

I was in Jack Rabbit Sports flipping through the mags and saw a current cover with Crowie on it. He looked cool. I know that triathletes can be a bit dorky; I mean shaved legs, penis shaped bike hats, and tight colorful clothing and all, but still, there is something amazingly cool when all that it put together on sleek areo-ed out machine. Something graceful when it comes by you on foot at a fast pace. Humans never are cooler.

I love racing. In part because it feels cool. Its makes me feel cool to be fit, to line up and run into the water, to hammer the bike and to run. I even love the way my skull line kits looks with tons of black and all mudered out. It helps create a sense of expression in racing.

But as I looked at that photo of Crowie, I was reminded that its December. Its 6 months until the next big race. 6 months until that feeling of being cool comes again.

If you want to be a serious triathlete (however you define it) its not just about being cool. Its about the hard work that no one sees. How many countless miles and hours did Crowie have to log in the winter, in the cold, in the early morning just to be cool for that one moment when he set the WC course record?

How many are you will to do to have that moment when you PR, or finish Ironman or reach your goals?

Its time to work, and i just finished 3.5 hours in the gross December rain and there was little cool about it. I hope you enjoy work as much as you enjoy cool, because the work to cool ratio is 364/1. Go.