Tuckahoe Tri

Tuckahoe Tri

“We see how it plays out, Exeter the ring and go for blood.” – lorde

I love sprint triathlons. I also don’t do a ton of them, they aren’t something I train for with speed work etc, in fact they are speed work to me. But for that they are perfect, a great swim, bike and run interval. So even if your iron distance focused, its a great and fun way to mix some intensity into your training and this was about get the best out of me.

The race is on he NJ coast, my new favorite place after having a great race and time at Challenge AC. The drive from the city was 2 hours but well worth it and relaxing as I sipped a Red Bull and watched the sunrise spinning some good tunes. Drive like that are made better by the company you keep and I had the best with me.

The swim was .25 and I got a great start and had one person on my feet but clean water ahead. I put in a surge to drop him, “no free rides!” I came out of the water first (thanks Xterra Wetsuits!) had a good transition and was out in the Valdora bike first.

The 20k ride was generally flat with some false flats and a few power climbs. At the half way I saw two other guys within a minute and just kept the hammer down. One guy mixed in with me with 1k to go so I sprinted into T2 doing a bike racer style attack to try to get a gap.

Out of T2 I put in a big first half of the run and tried to maintain the gap I had built but my shadow became two and I could hear his breathing. We ran hard together and he couldn’t drop me.

I didn’t like my odds of a true sprint finish so with 1500m to go I attacked. He matched. With 1000m to go I attacked, he matched. With 500m to go he attacked and I blew up. I was running as hard as I could but it wasn’t enough and 3 steps became 3 meters became 10 and just like that I was looking over my shoulder and realized I could stroll the last 200m. What an exciting race! So much fun!

Thanks to Www.citytri.com for another awesome event!

Photo: CarbBOOM gels! Love these! Made with real food, because I am a real person.

Gonna do it all again this weekend at Heightstown tri, reg is still open so if you wanna come out and race do it!