Red 11 Sort Product Review

I generally don’t do a ton of product reviews but I don’t have any sponsors that do anti chaffing products and though why not test drive Red 11 Sport in Spain. With 28 days of training there if my flesh was gonna get raw this would be the place. I love doing extreme stuff and seeing if I can break a product.

My first though was how small it was. A nice compact tin, which was great for travel. I opened it and could tell It’s non staining, petroleum free and has a clean smell to it. It says it’s for nipples but most runners will tell you arms, legs and “down there” also need some protection and I put it al the place for my first long run.

I really liked the thickness. It was soft enough to go on easy but thick enough to only need to add a wee bit, in fact one tin lasted the entire month.

So after it passed the run test I figured I would try some off label uses for it. Cyclist have all kinds of creams and honestly they make me feel like I am sitting in a used diaper. I used some on the normal hot spots where the saddle friction can get bad and it worked great. I like it for cycling more than cycling products because I only had to use a thin protective layer and it left me without that wet, cold, weird feeling.

I road 500k a week, ran 100k and for the entire trip didn’t have one bit of skin that was chaffed. I also think it has some skin healing and anti bacteria elements to it that promote healthy skin generally.

You can get yours at