Final week of training in sPain

After 14 days of training hard I wasn’t sure what the final 7 would look like and I just kept going until I cracked, then I did more. It worked out and I really feel strong as hell. Well, I felt strong, now I feel shattered but that’s what the recovery week is for! I literally drooled on myself just sitting on the plane which caused christine to burst into exhausted giggles.

Here is the blow by blow…huge thanks to Amrita for making my nutrition solid when I reach into my pocket and the support of the camp.

Friday: 1 hour run. Propose to christine / 2 hour ride up with christine on the pico. Not the hardest ride but, ya know, we got engaged! (3)
Saturday: 6 hour Zone 2 ride (6) (9) longest ride at that point and just kept it’s base and it went down ok.
Sunday: 3 hour ride with local team. Race like and brutal. 1 hour “run” legs trashed. (4) (13) they had a local stud who could hammer and I had good legs and was over 300 watts much of the time. It was perfect hard intervals. Super hard, 10-20 minutes and then we would regroup. The two of us dropped 30-50 guys repeatedly. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta 🙂 finally getting my cycling power up.
Monday: 3k swim/5.5 hour rid/ 30 min brick run (7) (20) all day ironman style work. Also legs cooked.
Tuesdays: 1 hour strength / 3:15 bike with many hard efforts and 5000 feet of climbing / brick run 45 minutes. (5) (25) felt good and stomped out 300-400w on most of the climbs. Kinda shocked given the lifting session before the ride and the duration of the day prior. That said alternating between long days and hard days seems to be working.
Wednesday: 1 hour swim/ 2 hour run over mountains. (3) (28) hard to rock some tourism stuff with the camp but also like 1 good run a week to keep it real. He climb was hard.
Thursday: 100 mile ride (6.5) (34.5) put in 3 good intervals but mostly base and my longest ride yet. Last day so just wanted to wreck myself generally so tossed in the hard efforts. Mission accomplished. I am done.

Foto of us on the pico moments after I proposed.




  1. You’re engaged!!?! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so happy for you two!

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