Week one if training in Spain

“Mi Gusta punk rock.” Spearhead

Day 1: still had school so rocked a 2:15 long run in the steep mean mountains of Granada. First legit run since the marathon and my legs protested. (2)

I Learned a ton of useful Spanish and while it’s still a work in progress I love it and love learning and practicing. The Andalusians are so encouraging and really happy to help me communicate in Spanish. They might be the warmest people on earth. I cringe when I think of how impatient New Yorkers (and maybe most Americans) treat people who don’t know English quickly, currently and fluently. Spend a week in a country where you don’t speak the langue and you will be forever patient with others. I am humbled and grateful by how much help I need and get here.

Day 2: 1 hour run in same steep mountains. So steep my calfs burned. 3 hour ride and could hardly use my seat bc the climbing was so steep, but the views were amazing. Not base work bc my watts and heart rate were through the roof. 1 hour strength session. (5 / 7)

Gonna miss Granada but excited to get to work making SLB 2014 awesome. We spent our last night in a moorish cafe and strolled up the Albayzin the ancient Gypsie quarter and through tiny streets with the El Alhambra in the watching over up. Simply sublime.

Day 3: travel to Antequera and get settled after final 1 hour run in Granada. I meet the Gypsies that live in a cave on my running route and also their dogs, all of whom were friendly.

We are traveled down the Ruta del Washington Irving from Granada to antequera. Like myself he was a New Yorker who fell in love with Andalusia. Unlike him most of my travels here is on bike.

Once in Antequera it was some time getting the cortijo all sorted out, then off for a 3.5 hour ride with more insane steep climbing as I discovered a new route and it turns out the new route is brutal. It looked so reasonable on the map! (4.5 / 11.5)

Day 4: swim 2k. First swim since, holy cow, IM Lou! It hurt. 3 hour ride looking for new routes, mostly rolling. 1 hour run. (5 / 16.5) really need a few new routes to keep fresh and to make sure we have something for everyone. Sometimes I love my job! That’s said, 30 minutes on google earth can save you a few hours when you go ride! Mistakenly didn’t realize our road home was 20k of dirt!

Day 5: 1 hour run. 2:30 ride. 1 hour strength session. (4.4 /21) tons to do camp wise. Visiting bike shop and also meeting with some locals about the future. The days fly by here! Also the cortijo has a lot of paper work. That’s new, the others didn’t seem so…legal… 🙂

Day 6: big day. 2500m swim, felt way better than first. 5.5 hour ride with tons of climbing. 30 min brick run. (7 /28) again off to find new routes and found a cracker. I really think it’s better than anything we did prior!

Day 7: feeling beat. 1 hour run / 2 hour zone 2 rides / 1 hour run ( 4 / 32) so much to do! 4 hours of shopping and a bunch of other prep things. Also researching the local cultural stuff because a Antequera has a lot of it and I want to show some of the athletes it if possible. Love it but it’s hard to fit it all in!