Day 2. Long runs, cross training, and laptop crushing

“God, man, machine, whatever. Some lost faith all together. It’s 11:59 and 59 seconds.” -M Franti

Training camps early in the season come with a multiple of purposes. Beyond the physical shift to more focused training it’s also a mental shift. Part of removing myself to a wind swept rock 20k out to sea is to put in some time crushing the laptop with sponsorship stuff, coaching work, getting coached and all the other stuff I that one does to be pro.

Day 2 was a sunrise coffee and 4 hours of focused work. I am a lot of energy so 4 hours of focused work is a mighty thing. But as I finished up my brain was mushy and my coffee cup empty. Time to train! For muggles I think their productivity would increase greatly if instead of being sedentary they did a short workout. If I ran a business I would install showers or a gym if I could because any time lost working out is made up for several times over in real production (plus I would want to workout!)

On tap was my long run. All-American and now French club cross country champ Olivia and now newly re- crowed Block Island 5k champ was up for a run and we hit the trails for 80 minutes. I was doing over twice that but she didn’t see to care and the first half was a bit more spirited than I would done solo. It was 40s and raining, fine running weather but one thing I have come to learn is that winter is something you need plan for and the easiest move is to run more which is less weather dependent. After 2.5 hours it was time the run was done and I was nicely cooked from about 30 miles in 24 hours. Of course the sun came out as soon as I hit my watch.

After getting my healthy grub on it was time for a little more lap top time then 90 minutes if strength training and yoga. I rock the yoga because it makes a great warm up. I get crazy stiff when running this much and yoga gets me back to proper moment.

I dig me some strength workout because after 30 you lose muscle mass which can cause a lose of strength and that can lead to a lack of speed. Since Block Island doesn’t have a proper gym I went prison style. I am not up to my full strength training program yet but here is what I did: lunges, squats, calf raises, planks, side planks, good mornings. 4 way ankle band, multi directional lungs, dumbbell step ups. I aimed for 3 x 20 because it’s early on in the strength training process.

So after 4 hours of training another day was in the books. Day 2 felt good on a lot of levels.