Day 1: 5k race, motivation and cookies

It was 11:59 and 59 clicks, the whole world is burning but the clock just tics.” M. Franti

I got 3 weeks of lighter but consistent training in me before I got off the ferry boat. The Island was rocking for a rock sitting 20k out in the cold wind swept New England seascape. Thanksgiving is a big deal here now with shops and strolling and mighty cute decorations that could make even this anti-materialist, agnostic cynic want to have a cup of warm cider and talk of the miracles of the holiday season. If nothing else it beats Black Friday and trampling people in malls by leap and bounds.

5 years ago they added a 5k and it’s grown into a fun event with 200 folks so my first workout was a race. Rolling and windy I sat behind some youngsters who took it out hard with a watchful eye on my training partner Olivia who was here And who is an all American at the 1500m and just won a French team title for cross country. It was very possible for me to be first male and second over all.

The course was an out and back and at some point I walked away from the nice inexperienced young man that lead us for the first 2k into the wind. The return trip was fun because all the people heading in the other direction cheered. I won and Olivia took the female title and we both scored 100 bones in gift cards. I went 18:30 something without any pressure. Not flying but respectable considering I am not fit or fast, am fat, and wasn’t pushed.

The mind is critical and often over looked. But winning even, cherry picking small races, is a great way to give ones mind a little boost. After getting kicked around by the best in the world it’s good to remember that to many some of us in pro or elite age- group ranks are pretty impressive. That reminder always gives me a boost. It’s one I the reasons I have my athletes enter some small events if there confidence is struggling.

With a new deposit in my motivational bank I hit the trails for another hour of running. Block island is pretty special so running here doesn’t need a lot of motivation, my feet want to run here and do it as much as my lungs breath the air.

If you get a chance come here this weekend and visit the and grab one of Marion’s cookies; but only if you run first.