The First Camp of 2014: Day Zero, Stepping Back and Planning.

“It was 11:59 and 59 seconds…” – M. Franti

I have been hiding a bit. Friends that follow my career as an athlete even reached out to say to me I seem quite. Sometime I am quite like a bomb 🙂

I had an ok season; a ton of podiums and a some wins but on the big stage, at ironman I was flat. It happens. I learned a ton and even after 14 years of ironman I still tinkering in an always changing equation.

The first step forward for a new season is always to take step back…and look at the big picture. I broke down the year and the career, the life, life and had some heart to hearts with some key people, namely Jim Ortel my coach and Christine my everything-else and made some changes for 2014.

The original plan was IMLP and maybe a double with Lou in 2013 but I wasn’t recovered for Lou and that attempted ended 2013. The goal was to take a break and come back on form for an early IM race, Bone Island on 1/25/14 but then Challenged came to the USA. My disdain for the WTC and the way they exploit pros is not a secrete. With Rev3 withdrawing their support of iron distance races for pros it was looking bleak but Challenge is coming strong with respect and partnership with pros for its iron distance race in June and I want to come and come correct. So it meant skipping Bone Island sadly. I wanted to do Bone Island, Challenge them a slew of fall races and My coach smacked me in the head once he stopped laughing at me.

With the new found focus for 2014 it means a bit more time to focus on that event and to work on a few things that need some attention.

First thing on tap is my running. The best of the 3 it’s been off the last 2 years. I need to sharpen that sword. So I am currently training for a winter marathon! I haven’t do a stand alone marathon in FOREVER. I only get 12 weeks to prep for it but I am still excited to see what I can do. Likely it will be Rock n Roll New Orleans. As a proud Champion Systems athlete I love the idea of racing a race they support and sponsor.

Then it’s off to Spain and for a cycling focus. The new digs are sweet and also closer to the pool so I am hoping to also swim more than I have in the past. Why not sign up and join me???

So here I am on a freezing cold boat ride off to block island, for my first camp of the 2014 year and I couldn’t be more excited, more hungry, and more motivated to get after it. Ready. Set. Go.