NYC: We Don’t Hate you

“Run run run like a rat on a wheel.” – (NYC’s own).

Welcome to my city! I love this this town and your gonna get the best view of it! 26.2 miles through countless ‘hoods and areas! You will see people from 140 counties, all united in that they are a part of this country! NYC is the melting pot, the heart of world and here is what we all have in common:

We all are hustling. In the true sense of the word. We are busting our asses, individually and collectively. Athletes like to think they are a big deal. And NYC will make a big deal out of the fact that you are here. But their are 8 million people here. Even if 2 million really are stoked on the marathon, 6 million people don’t care if you live or die. They don’t hate you, dislike you or are being rude to you; they are just indifferent, and have their hustle to get to.

And because everyone is hustling, it means that many can’t be bothered to be nice. It’s not that we dislike you, it just that my fellow New Yorkers are really busy hustling. They got dreams to chase, dollars to chase, high rents to make and goals to make real. This city demands you hustle. From the guy that sells you a bagel to a wall street dude sells the company that makes the bagel. So don’t take it personally that we bump you forward into a subway (get on!) or speak quickly and without much of those friendly extra words that mid-west and southern folks seem so found of.

A lot of people who visit here think this is a sign of distain, or rudeness. it’s not. It’s respect. See, they talk quick and curt because they assume you are hustling too. They respect you and don’t want to waste your time with extra words. They don’t want to get in the way of your hustle. It’s really solidarity, our way of saying we are with you and in it together, kinda.

Sounds crazy right? Well try making a 2000 dollar rent for 550 sq feet. See what I mean, crazy breeds crazy? Makes you hustle. We would chit chat but we all have 2-6 jobs to do and that’s not counting the big dreams and plans. The bands or plays or role we are gonna get to make it big time.

So don’t take it personally. In fact, on race day, take that energy that our city has: that passion, drive and franticness and channel it into your own hustle and reach your race goals. Then you will have embraced not only our marathon but our spirit.

Welcome to NY. Now get your change, your coffee and bagel and get out of the way already people got things to do here alright guy?