Bikeway’s 4th Annual Hopewell Tri

Bikeway’s 4th Annual Hopewell Tri

Two weeks ago I was on my ass in bed. Fever and miserable. The antibiotics hadnt been working to best a pesky sinus infection. I felt a bit better but not good as I rolled to Rev3 Quassy and my poor health was exposed by a brutal course on a brutally hot day.

I had been slatted to race Flat As a Pancake the following weekend, which had been a huge local race when I won it two years ago with 500+ racers was cancelled due to a number of factors. I was ok about not racing per se as I was back in the doctors office for round 2 of antibiotics once again not in great health.

I had two concerns: one was my body. I start my final training for a brutal 3 week final push to get ready for ironman lake placid. I didn’t want to roll to this not 100 percent. My second concern was my head. A DNF was no way to roll to the final push.

I decided to find a local race to replace Flat As A Pancake just to end this first phase of 2013 on a different note then a DNF at Rev3 despite the fact that my body was not exactly happy about the idea. Also my bro Phil and christine signed us up without really telling me.

The race itself is nice. A cancer fund raiser, in a nice town with great local support and a pretty course. The Pre-race was mostly hanging out with Phil and Christine and a lot of wondering if my body was up for this while chomping on two Amtria Bars. Since switching to them as my nutritional sponsor I have added breakfast to my pre-race morning and the results have been really good, with more energy during the races.

The swim was in a nice town beach and as I got to the first turn I realized I was in second on the feet of first. I tried to come around but my heart jumped into my throat and I decided to just sit in and enjoy the ride. Again Xterra Wetsuits was nicely represented coming into T1 first and coming off fast enough get me on the bike in the lead.

Me and the person nice enough to lead the swim left T1 closely together but a little cyclo-cross jump onto my bike and a fast wetsuit strip got me the lead out of the venue and i decided to take the first 5k out super hard. I had the lead car and the course was well marked and despite my lungs being inflamed and wanting to go into asthma spasm I seemed to be able to put down some nice watts. By the end of the 15k bike I had a lead of a minute or so over 2nd and 30 seconds more over 3rd who was my athlete and bff Phil. For the second time this year my Valdora PHX TT bike had to sit in T2 all alone for a bit 🙂

Out on the run I wanted to push the first half and see how it went. I think I ran 5:45ish on a mostly uphill out section and when I got a split at the turn around I saw I was a minute or two on Phil who was now in second. I also got a nice lift when I saw Christine in first of the female field. We have won 8 races this year combined but we have never ever both won the same race on the same day.

I finished off the run on the way back keeping a watchful eye as Phil doesn’t give up. At the finish it was our own personal party; me winning a dear friend second then waiting for my girlfriend to take her title. A truly special day. Phil introduced me to Christine 4 years ago and now the 3 of us were once again all together hanging out. A nice note to end on as I get myself ready for the final push as get ready to take on the best in the world in Lake Placid.

Thanks to John Barti for the finish line photo. Love the way That Champion System ITU races on the short course.




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  1. Great race with a cold man! That was so much fun to hang with you guys. Time to get back to work. 😉 ttyl

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