A Big Run Week

For the last two years I really haven’t put in a true run focus at any time. My ironman bike split has never been a true strength so I have been putting efforts there. But over time my run slipped a bit and with a week full of a brutal combo of work and bad winter weather the best bang for my buck was a run focus. Since I haven’t been at it that long this year I decided the runs I needed should focus on volume and base to help lean me out, and build the solid foundation of base and mileage before I move to more dynamic running. I figured 100k was a nice start….then I got carried away.

Day1: two hour run to make sure I had my starting point for a long run. Also did 90 minutes of cycling as a commute. First 45 min to the office was zone zero. True recovery. Way home was a nice base effort. Also hit the pool at lunch.

Day 2: 1 hour run with a lift right after then a ride to worked to spin the legs out. Match is a big lifting month for me and I went heavy and legs were crushed from this effort. Missed my lunch swim because of work. Grrrr. Still got in 3 sessions. I assure all te age- groupers out there, I can totally relate when you tell me work “lifed” you. (lifed= life screw over your training.)

Day 3: 1.25 hour run. Legs wrecked from the lifting. 45 minute base/zone 2 ride. Great swim and felt strong in the pool for the first time this year.

Day 4: run 1 hour in morning with extra hills. Skipped swim because I thought I was getting sick but it was only allergies! Damn you mother nature! Did a second 45 minute run and just feel awful. Nearly crawling because of the combo of the DOM legs still from lifting, the prior run and allergies.

Day 5: 90 minute run. Legs feeling surprisingly snappy. This is where I realize I could make this a HUGE week. No real bad type of pain and starting to feel strong run economy. Scale shows I dropped a pound or two and things are looking up. Another strong lunch swim too. Plus 45 minutes two and from work for some extra volume plus spinning the legs out is always smart.

Day 6: run 90 minutes in AM. Feel exhausted and starting to come undone. 60 minutes PM run and felt way stronger. Weird. My reward for coming around is getting to play super model and do a photo shoot for Amrita bars. So fun! I am such a ham!

Day 7. Smashed. Couldn’t sleep and grumpy. My body is at its breaking point. But one big day and I hit 150k and that’s pretty awesome. Fuel with two Amrita Bars before and one during and hit 2.5 hours with a ton of climbing. Even drove out to the Palisades to run some place new! Mentally needed that and the trails there are outstanding. Passed a bunch of ultra runners who likely ran out of the city. Cool stuff! Skipped gym session and just dented my sofa. This was a BIG stretch for me and I am stoked I did it. It’s snowing now and I think I really made the most of a tough week life wise. Huge ups to Christine for hitting nearly the same amount.

Foto: one of several ice baths. I did a few tricks to survive this. 1) rotated shoes to keep them fresh 2) ice bath 3) slept as much as I could 4) did most of my runs on soft surfaces 5) mixed up where I ran hitting 4 different parks and doing different routes.




  1. Holy shit, nice work. So after all those miles, I presume you’re down to race weight or below, no?

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