City Tri: Prospect Park Du Race Report.

“This time I will try, for the first time in my life. Let’s start today.” -gorilla biscuits

The defacto start of the multi sport season is www.citytri.com ‘s Prospect Park Duathlon. A fund raiser for the park and a great event it is a chance for people to race outside for the first time of the year. With 3 different distances 2/10/2 3.1/14/3.1 and 6.2/24/3.1 you can do everything from sprit to “international” which is might long! Last year I did the longest of the events and loved it but with a booth at the Tri Mania expo to staff I opted for the classic middle distance which was a nice challenge and plenty long for me right now as I just for going 10 weeks ago. lucky for me I had 2 Red Bulls so I had WIINGS!!!!!

The race went off with me jumping out to an early lead. At the first turn around I had a bit of a gap but a big pack was right behind me. At the second turn I was sill leading an decided to put in a surge to see who was for real. Peter Jacobs from NYC (not the Aussie) was for real and the defending champ. He has the kind of swim that makes him good at Duathlon 🙂 But this isn’t a Tri and my normal head start from the swim was spotted to me. After my surge he came around me and put the stamp on the event heading into T1. He was the champ and he wasn’t gonna go down without a fight! Peter and I are friends, training partners and he and I spent both Strong Like Bull and CREWAPALLOZA together and I know he can ride better than he runs. But as we hit T1 Jonathan from Acme Bikes in BK came up on me as well and the 3 of us entered T1 more or less within ear shot of each other with a 4th guy right behind.

T1 cost Peter and I left first but Jonathan is in great form and caught and dropped me as we hammered around the hard 3.33 mile loop. He also had another guy right begin him (like really right behind him) and they were quickly out of sight relegating me to 3rd. With 3 of the 4 laps down Peter came up on me and passed me. He had spent T1 doing his taxes, or making an omelet or something and lost a lot of time (I think he had issues because it was chilly and we all had on gloves). He entered t2 ahead but again he lost time and I left with a big lead. It’s possible he out split me in both runs and the bike and lost to me. Ouch.

I chased and chased and was really stoked with how good my legs felt on the second run but couldn’t close the gap on the 2nd or 1st and just was happy to be feeling ok for the first hard effort of the early season. At the finish i Was told I was 2nd but I later found out I was 3rd which seemed right and I secured a nice spot on the podium In a Duathlon which isn’t a sport I generally do well at, short course which isn’t my thing, and its early on in the season after starting late after a long 2012 season. Of course non of that takes anything away from the Jonathan who beat my ass badly!

I can’t say enough about this great event, the great race company and how nice it is to race a du early on. I wasn’t cold at all, and that first run really kept me warm.

Photo: best thing about a true NYC race, a real pumpernickel bagel!



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