Welcome Amrita!!!

I am super excited to be fueled with Amrita! The product follows the latest developments in health and nutrition as an all plant based product.

Since switching to them I have found that they are easy to digest allowing me to fuel with REAL FOOD! I can even eat them before and during runs, that’s how easy they go down.

They also taste amazing. The vastly different flavors mean you won’t get bored and allows me to use them not only for training but also super heathy snacks. I live my life at 100 mph and sometimes making sure I don’t eat garbage is hard. Now I always have a healthy food stuff within arms reach.

One thing I strongly suggest is getting their protein rich bar. It’s a perfect post workout recovery product and is super yummy! How many “recovery drinks” can say they are 100 percent plant based, high in protein and don’t taste like ass?

One major reason for me switching to Amrita was to that plant based foods don’t cause me the inflammation like dairy products do. Most proteins in sports products dairy based which I have found increases my asthma. It also causes extra mucus which causes sinus infections and other ailments. Since switching to a mostly plant based diet I have not gotten sick, and my asthma is under control and my lungs feel totally clear.

Lastly the dairy industry can suck it for how they treat animals and with a healthier alternative it’s a simple choice.
So get down with Amrita AMRITA

All plant based nutrition