12 days of xmess day 10 and 11

“I don’t have any place left to run. Run!” middle class rut

The adventure was about to take a turn for the crazy. We left the world behind and moved into a yurt for two days. Yurts are large well built super tents. As we hiked into the deep woods through a few feet of snow it was 8 degrees.

We hike in and out before realizing that cross country skiing would be easier. I did a deep snow run already and my body was sore in funny places from the use of my body in this Viking like climate.

As the sunset the fire we built in the yurt got going and in a few hours we got the air above freezing. By morning it was a toasty 50. I went out for my first cross country ski of the day: half a trip to get water half a workout. I love mountain man living because survival and working out nicely blend in a way that feels far more natural than our weird world of gyms and toys. Artificial lights in artificial work. Someplace in all that I worry that my soul dies. Training in nature keeps my soul awake I think. At some point in my life this was completely the point of all this. It felt invigorating to be so close to my own emotional core.

As day broke we had the first ski and then it was breakfast and then a second ski. All in all I skied about 4 hours and it felt like 4 seconds. By days end it was time to pack out of the yurt and hit the road again. I miss the simpleness of it. It was amazing.


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