12 days of xmess: day 6 and 7

“I have no space
No room to move around
And this box is getting smaller
I’m trying to get out.” middle class rut

Day 7 came with winter storms. Snow rain wind cold misery. If you live in the norther part of the country you need a plan for winter. A run focus, trips, a computrainer a cross or mountain bike, a season that doesn’t require much winter work, whatever. But not making adjustments for winter will bite you in the ass and be mad frustrating.

For my part I tend to race late in the season, and do two trips to get out of here so I can really train. In the winter 4 hours rides become 3 which become 2 on the road and 90 minutes by the time you bail completely. In Spain 4 hour rides become 5 or 6 be because it’s nice out and I brick the run because I can’t get enough of the place. (info is on the site www.stronglikebulltraining.com )

Day 7 it was a struggle to run 60 minutes in driving rain them I hit the gym for a hard 90 minutes of lifting that left me hobbling around in a good way. I enjoy dropping into gyms in new places because it each gym has its own equipment so I get to rock new stuff and new workouts which is always a fun little adventure.

Day 8 was a social run in Portsmouth NH with @themaeymillar and her awesome sister Kay. We did a 10k run around the town then hit a sick breakfast joint. It was all I got in that day as I had a second social engagement with old friends in the area as well, which was awesome honestly. Again…balance until the new year. And trying to do something everyday.

Photo: chillin’ in the new Block Island Sport Shop kit. Www.blockislandsportshop.com to get yours.



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  1. we love portsmouth…. Our new condo (summer mostly)– is in ogunquit, so we head to portsmouth often.. rad place.

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