12 days of day 5. Xmas!

“it’s sad to know that your just yourself.” -middle class rut

Sometimes you have to make sure your priories are right. We woke up to my godson stoked to open prezzys and spend some time with the good people in my family. I spend so much time training and the rest of it brain dead that I have half walked zombie life through the last decade and today I had no problem not getting in any training to be able to be around.

After xmess morning with my fam it was a 2 hour shot to MA to meet up with Christine’s fam for xmas number 2 for the day. I ate myself stupid before calling it a night.

Back at it tomorrow: the guilt you feel for missing a workout fades, the guilt I would have had to get that workout in would have grown.

Back at it tomorrow.

Foto: Coraline with her Xmas prezzy a skull doggie sweater.