The 12 Days of Xmess Day 2

“sick of the me I made And the doubt I’m always in.” – Middle Class Rut

Day 2 and well, I am still not in shape but I am moving in the right direction. While the Mayan Apocalypse didn’t end existence it did cause high winds preventing the ferry to run so today became the travel day and thus a long run day. With biting winds, snow and cold I was dreaming of warm sunny Spain and happy to swap out the bike for running shoes.

We hit the trails on Block Island which protected up from the 20-30mph winds which were stingy. The waves were awesome and as we ran across the 100+ foot bluffs we saw and angry sea with 10 foot swell smashing into the beach. 90 minutes passed before it started and the sun was enveloped into the ocean on this one of the three darkest days of the year. not a huge day, but not bad for the first long run.

Foto: me on the boat right after my dog puked.