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2012 was never exactly right. It wasn’t exactly wrong. It was just always off balanced by a lot of last minute schedule changes. It was also a ton of racing and a ton of good racing, but not as much great racing as I would have liked.

In late March I podium’ed at Tri Star Nevis. I banked a 1500 dollar check and re-qualified as a pro though 2015. The future was a bright as the Caribbean sun. But the rush to peak and the stress of a ton of travel for training camps in Cali and Spain and that race left me very tired. I didn’t climb out of that hole really until summer and while I had ok races and ended up on the podium for the Brooklyn Bike-Run, the Blok Island Shade Bloom and American Zofengin long course it’s always nicer to win and I think I could have battled for those wins (maybe not the BK bun bc some short course guy wrecked me).

Again my carefully planned build was toss like a salad when I got selected for the ITU World Championships. I again rushed to peak and again was not at my best. In the peak I won a Tri which was fun, and even more fun because I was pretty sure I wouldn’t until I took the lead very late into it. I raced 6 days later after worlds after crossing much of the earth and took 2nd. Again hard to complain: it was solid, but not a win.

I am mostly defined by how I do at my 140.6 races and rev3 was an ok day but not the break out I hoped for. Again, I was 95 percent of myself but with pro racing being so deep that 5 percent means a lot. I set a PR on a course that wasn’t as fast as it could be so I cant complain but once again it left that feeling of discontentment because I really think I can do better. Also rec3 was just an insanely deep field, one of the biggest in north America. After that I was cooked, and beach 2 battleship was just a mistake. But no real harm done. You can be prodigal with the end of the season since there is nothing to lose.

I think I did what I had to/ wanted to do. I had to kill Nevis and renew u pro card. I wanted to do the ITU World Chmapionships. It was a great experience even though it wasn’t a great day, and I was really just using it for training. I also think rev3 Cedar Point doesn’t really suit me. Fast flat courses don’t plan to my strengths. I did that race because I love it; because I love rev3, but the course doesn’t love me. I need evil sadistic tough love from a course 🙂 I need a course that punishes people and leaves only the strongest left, not the fastest.

Next year I need to call my shot early on. And stick to it. I am going back to Placid which with hills and humid conditions makes mice of men. I am glad to be racing it because it’s a fantastic event but also because www.teamcontinuum.net will be there. In fact if you want to join me you can! We have 10 spots for the sold out race and you get coaching by me! So sign up already! I know I kill the WTC but
We are going to raise over 50000 dollars for people fighting cancer and that fight seems more important than my fight with the wtc about how they treat pros. Plus with the Rev3 series spreading I am sure I will hit a few events anyways.

Foto: Hiking with the Christine. Her in her B2B hat and me in my am zof hat. Spoils of the season.


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  1. All class and all kick ass. Mr.’Evil’ you stand above the crowd as A solid home-grown individual without any off the shelf latest hype borrowed personality traits that too many people try on for size. It’s been a privilege to get to know you from afar, and you remain on my bucket list of individuals I want to share a stretch of road with in this lifetime of my own. Keep Rising….. you embody that perfectly.


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