The Other 4 Weeks of the Year

I can’t fight your war until I am finished with mine- atmosphere

The 4 weeks since Beach 2 Battleship have been stuffed with the 52 weeks most people use to take up a years worth of stuff. But I use the off season to kick ass at all things that aren’t training and racing. The first week was the NYC Marathon, ITU Worlds and IMFL. I had people at each and felt like super coach. I love that I am a racing coaching and race and train with my people but I also love when I can stay on the side lines and cheer.

Team Continuum, my marathon team does it up with parties, dinners, 3 days of expo and just an awesome time. It’s one of the best weeks of the year, even if exhausting.

After that I had a monstrous law gig happening. I can’t real go into details but it felt great to be fully lawyer guy again, even if only for 2 weeks. I also put In a bunch of over time. After all no reason not to work more. Got to make a few extra bones while on break from ironmaning.

It is also the end of the year/start of the year for CREW! Returning and new athletes have a pretty long meeting. This is one of my favorite things because it’s when we think big. Set goals. Dream. I love watching a person realize they are going to DO and ironman. Or see them set the bar higher for there results. Or chase a world championship spot. It’s totally inspiring as is reviewing what goals they chased the prior year, even if they didn’t hit them all.

After that it all came to an end with thanksgiving weekend on Block Island. I got a HuGE 4 day doze of family. I am tight with them so seeing them really was great. We hiked 2-3 times a day, spent days outside with amazing weather and even jumped into the 5k for the first workout in 4 weeks. I took 2nd male and Christine 2nd female. My sister and brother in law both took 3rd in there gender. Most importantly it was fun and a sign that I am mentally in the right place again to start up, slowly.

There is all the mundane things: oil changes, dental appointments, physicals, paper work of all kinds, but the off season is the time to do as much stuff as you can to clear the tasks and chores, and to set up your life so that you can have the time to train and race. Because when it’s on again you don’t want distractions.

I find giving my body a rest and my mind a change of pace I lose some fitness but gain a lot in recovery. I
Also think it’s why I have stayed in the sport for 12 years. Burn out can happen short term or long terms, and if you want to be good at ironman you often need to be in it for the long term.



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  1. hey you two…huge thanks for making Tgiving so very special for me this year

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