Beach 2 Battleship Race Report

I have seen enough to know I have seen too much. –Ben Harper

I am a glutton for punishment. I wanted to race Beach 2 Battleship so badly because it’s one of those races you can’t say no too. Great vib, great production, pro friendly, pretty area and a great host town in Wilmington, NC. I committed to the race before I found out I would be racing ITU Long Course Worlds which made this my 4th ultra distance race of the year and the turn around from Rev3 Cedar Point was less than six weeks.

I kept waiting for my body to recover and respond. But it never did. On the ride down to NC I was tired, and a little filled with dread at the idea of doing an ironman without a body that was ready. Before the race I promised myself that I would start, and race it; I would hold my doubts in check and go hard and see what was possible. I am proud of that decision and proud that I lived up that promise even if my day would end at mile 40 of the bike.

The swim got us started after the traditional national anthem and the b2b traditional playing of “lose yourself” by eminem with the race director jumping around totally stoked; i love that tradition! With the horn blowing we ran into the water and me and fellow pro Peter Kotland lead the triathletes for all but the last bit of the swim when a group of 7 or so took a better line and caught us. We all washed up on shore together and it was a scramble to get of t1 with the leaders. By mile 5, 7 of us were together and riding legally but with the aid of drafting. A bridge and a good surge snapped the group in two and I knew what was happening but couldn’t respond. In peak form that would have been easy. At an aid station my group of 3 dropped me and 50m became 100, became 1k and I was out of the race. I fought to chase and catch up but it was over.

I road back to Wilmington in time to give Christine splits and to be the boyfriend she deserves. She was killing the day and it was awesome to get to be out there for her. I could have soft pedaled the course, and jogged in the run, but honestly being able to support her was more important than my 4th ultra finish of the year. I lined up, raced as hard as I could and when I couldn’t I did what my heart told me to do; be supportive to someone I loved.

Thanks to Set Up Inc for an awesome race and experience and congrats to all the finishers!

No it’s time for a well earned break an off season. I am already thinking about 2013!