I earned Saturday

After a long season and 3 ultra distance races and an iron distance race 5 weeks ago I had some misgivings about lining up to BeAch 2 Battleship Saturday. I don’t love the idea of coming if I am not sure I am going to come correct.

But I earned this start. I did all the things I could and needed to do between Rev3 and B2B. I did every workout I needed to do, I ate clean and balanced in as much physical and mental recovery as I could. I put a lot of mental and physical energy into this race and don’t want to throw away the last 5 weeks of work. I earned this start; oh course I still have to earn the finish.

I was a little shy about getting bib 1. I wanted to do this race under the radar as it has the chance of being a big failure. But I was 6th last year and 1-5 aren’t back. So I guess I earned that too. But it’s easy to have 1 on your arm, it’s harder to have it over your head on the clock when you finish.

So I will take what is already earned and see if I can’t work hard Saturday to earn even more.

(photo: whatcha doing down there?)




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