Beach To Battleship Thoughts

“yes my friend, we are in the streets again.” Bob Marley

I was talking to an athlete I coach about my season and I noticed I did 3 ultra distances races already this year (plus all the other races.) In perspective the idea of another ultra long race, an ironman, seems kinda insane.

It’s hard on my brains having a pro card because when I race I expect a pro performance. This year I raced twice without peaking and it hurt my feelings a little to under perform even though both events were awesome experiences.

So I find myself again wondering: is it worth the experience of an event at the risk of my pride? The event on tap in 2 weeks is stellar: Beach 2 Battleship. I love it. I love the race company; course, athletes, town and venues. This race is better than most WTC ones. It’s the countries largest non wtc “ironman” distance event and supporting it is also important to me. So I am gonna go, gonna race and gonna try my best and if my best for the day isn’t the best I have in me I can live with it. Races like this punish people for not coming correct; for not planning and peaking. They wreck you for your lack of humility and for showing up under prepared. The gods of ultra distance are cruel and mean and easy to offend. But every so often a person can catch a break and the unexpected happens.

So what if…what if years of fitness are there on 10/20/12 (race day?) What if rev3 ‘s full 6 weeks prior was a great workout and I get a strong fitness bounce from it? What if I show up mentally determined and fight from the time they play “one chance” at the start until I cross the line? What if I feel the strength from 11 months of hard work and not the fatigue?

I know this: the answer is out on that course and if I don’t put myself in the position to find the answers the answer is already determined.