Two races a ton of training and little taper

“In this life i will do my best, and in the next rest.” Matisyahu

Been a bit since I posted. For a guy that posted daily back in the day I am shocked that this much time went by. But the truth is I have just been dead from killing myself…in a good way.

I hit the USA after 48 hours in Barcelona, a town I always wanted to see. It didn’t disappoint and was a great recovery from ITU Worlds. A mix of beach and tourism. Walking eating and sight seeing along with some beach time where I swam and did some aqua jogging for recovery.

I landed back in the USA and went from the airport to Team Continuum’s weekly run on Wednesday night to Block Island for a race 6 days after ITU worlds. The last two years it was after Ironman lake placid. The race serves as me and Christine’s anniversary and that makes the trip special. The race went ok, I had a sun par swim and got stuck in crowds because of being in a late wave, and the bike was good except I think I might have took it out a bit too hard and found myself fading in the last miles. The heat wind and hills make this already long sprint longer. Out on the run I was in virtual first and the one person ahead Ian, my fiend and training partner started in waves ahead of me. I was on my way to my 7th win here when a guy came flying by me. In the sand a heat it was surprising to see someone so fresh and fast. He dropped me and by the end of the race had a legit lead an took a well earned win.

This was day 1 of 16 on Island and the rest of the days were spent in focused training: what they call in cycling Le Regime or what we might call iron-monk. Little distraction, just training full time. The island continues to build a real sports scene and the early mornings had tons of runners cyclists and people working out. It was like a giant training center. It was awesome to hang with my coach Jim Ortel of Block Island Sport Shop who gathered the faster of the locals to kick my ass including himself, a cat 2 roadie and an All American 1500m runner. After 16 days I had the numbers and confidence to taper for rev3. There is nothing better than the confidence you get from doing the exact workouts you need for a race. Love me some peaking.

After a week of being really tired I had the Oyster Bay Tri aka the Tobay Tri. In the days leading up I wasn’t sure if I would come around but I woke up race morning with the over cooked fog lifting. The race has 2000 people and is 35 years old. It’s a big deal around here and a great venue and race. I had an ok swim and came out with the lead pack. Amazingly one guy put 50+ seconds into us and I left t1 in second. I wasn’t worried expecting to quickly overtake some ubber swimmer. Nope, this guy was a legit triathlete.

Never the less when we crested the one real climb on course I saw him and realized in the frat 1/3 I had cut his lead in half. On the down hill that came next I missed a turn that wasn’t marked as a volunteer stood there talking to some cops. The hill continued for a bit and I looked over my shoulder to see two guys make the turn. I hit the breaks, turned around and jammed up the hill. I thought of dropping out bc this was clearly top much of a time lose to make up but decided to not DNF because it was still a fun race. Sometimes you need to readjust your goals on the fly. Old goal: winning-new goal: catching as many people as possible and having a great run split.

I had a strong first mile, but didn’t see anyone ahead. I kept the pedal down and a few people came into sight on the next hill. I caught one of them and was closing the gap on the next one but the finish line came first and I crossed in 3rd getting the final spot on the podium.

A lot of people that dont win races will be quick to point out that it’s the athletes responsibility to know the course. But this isn’t orienteering. Also people who come through later get a volunteer that now gets that he needs to do his assignment and isn’t asleep at the switch. Also at races often pros discover problems that RDs can fix like putting a sign someplace that is missing (am zof this year) That said, it also wasn’t the race directors fault here. He had a guy right there. The race was really well organized, safe, traffic controlled, and had one of the best after race food buffets ever. It is a spectacular event; it was just bad luck.

It should also be noted that it might not have mattered. The winner out ran me dropping 5:45 (?) miles with no pressure on him on this hilly run course to my 5:59 pace . So he might have won anyways, I am just bummed I didn’t get a chance to find out. plus either way it would have been close and I would have loved a shoot out like that.

Ok; two weeks more of taper then it’s Www.rev3tri.com Cedar Point. 140.6 miles of brutality against one of the larger pro fields at that distance left in the USA.

Foto: grant rocking the new ERC factory kit and ERC road bike.



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