Goals In 2012

I reject your nothingness I am your no one no more. -108

I dropped a novel worth of emails on my coach. Mostly about training for 2012 and improvements. Then I realized I didn’t know what I was training for exactly. I hadn’t picked races. I tossed around a ton of ideas with the only clear peak being rev3 CP.

But the other goals were less clear and I had 3 events battling for my attention. The first was IMSTG. Having been there both years to train and run support for my homeboy I know this is a quality venue and a cool race. But it’s made less cool by the WTC which can suck it. Also they made the run course less insane. I can’t blame them but it took some of the appeal away for me. Add the cost of travel and staying there and it wasnt a clear first peak. also in the back of my mind I know two ironman’s a year hasn’t exactly gone great for me (never raced two well in the same year) and I didn’t want my best day to be in Utah.

American Zofigen was a cool race too. I love the event. I love the idea, the spirit and the course. Pure evil. Maybe less recovery then an ironman and also the math was good: prize money, free entry, no travel costs. Hell, I dont even have to get a dog sitter! But mostly I get 7 hours of insane racing on the hardest yet prettiest course anywhere. Add that the CREW looks to be rolling deep and I dug it. The draw backs are that it lacks that BIG race feel. In fact it intentionally isn’t a big event feeling race. It’s grass roots.

The other race that caught my eye was leadman. I love the valley of fire and the idea of a race 250k is just cool. The less running also struck me as allowing for faster recovery and making sure I came correct for rev3. But it too lacked that big race feel. Also it doesn’t have prize money and big travel costs.

I went around and around with these races until I realized I was judging them based on what they had to offer in general, not in how they related to my goals. Then I realized I HAVE NO GOALS!

My first goal ever in 2000 was to be an ironman finisher. Then kona. Then it was turning pro. Then it was top 1/2 of pros at an ironman. Then top 10. Then kona as a pro. But with the Kona Point Series, the WTC fees, the halving of pro slots for kona and just a general distain for the WTC I am not chasing Kona this year (even though based on this year it looks like I would have a shot.)

So I had to ask myself what the goal is. I don’t want to be a top 10 again. I want top 5 and I want sub 9 at rev3. Imstg is sick but it doesn’t offer me anything really and gets in the way. Leadman loses out over am zof. Also without an ironman to prep for I can spend some time really focusing on my riding which needs to be taken to the next level.

I think I struggled to give up on imstg as I really want to do an ironman soon. Waiting 10 months for an ironman seems like torture, but it’s worth it if it means coming correct for rev3.

Also I just saw B2B moved it’s date to 10/20 so it no longer conflicts with the New York Marathon. At 6 weeks away it makes for a doable double. So I will get my two ironman’s in 2012 hopefully. I really want to return to B2B an kill that race as well.




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