Whately Tri Race Report

“she wants to dance to reggae and calypso.” – Collie Buddz

By day 7 of training in Vermont I and everyone else was cooked so when Frayed Laces (www.frayedlaces.blogspot.com) started looking for a race, any kind of race, I was too tired to protest. I was too beat to keep training but a race kinda made perfect sense. Well perfect sense if your dumb! After Debating if it was lame to go win a “fun run” and if 8 hours of driving was worth it up to Burlington for a Tri, we found the perfect event. A sprint Tri an hour away and 45 minutes if frayed laces and Pete drive (lead foot!)

The race, the Watley Tri, had some cool past participants and the North Hampton/Amherst area has some good athletes. Besides the obvious handicap of being shelled after 15 days of hard training we all were without something. laces didn’t have a kit; Peter and I had road bikes and no areo bars and Guru had awful wheels and just did an ironman. it reminded me of my first days in the sport; when you “run whatcha brung” as they said in the early days of stock car racing; where you raced what you drove to the race.

The start was my worst in a long time and I failed to get into the lead right away causing some contact that cost me the chance to follow the lead swimmer. I came out second but within sight of first.

Out on the road I felt like a parachute since I was on a road bike without areo bars. By the time I caught the first, a guy in the full areo get up (disc, TT bike, areo brain bucket) went by me. Then another And another. My legs were ok all things considered though; I think that is a testament to a proper warm up. Too many people don’t get in a full warm up before sprint tris, mostly because of the ungodly hour they start at. But by the time you warm up the race is over. I did almost as long of a wam up as this race!

I came into T2 in 4th about 90 seconds down from the lead and 30-45 seconds down from the podium. I started the run and felt slow and heavy. One guy dropped out putting me in 3rd. 2nd place wasn’t coming back to me quickly and I decided to hammer up the only hill in the out and back course and I closed the gap about 1 mile in. As we hit the down hill and “S” turn I did a little run-race trick: I attacked and sprinted the turns. If you attack on a straight away the person next to you will almost always try to match you. But if you do it on a turn you often will get a gap before the person notices. Gaps are discouraging so it will often get the person to give up. This part of the course had 2 turns so I double attacked and had a 5-10 second lead but was pretty spent from it. As we hit the long straight away however I saw 1st and he was coming back to me. I caught him at the turn around and saw the three of us were all within 5 seconds. I put my head down and just kept running and again at the “S” turn surged because I knew I didn’t have a kick in me if it came to that and i did not want to not give 2nd any encouragement to try to kick. It wasn’t until the finishing funnel that I was sure I would win and ran hard to the line winning by 11 seconds.

It was wicked hot so I jumped back into the pond we started at 68 minutes prior.
(Foto: winner gets to kiss the pretty girl!)