Date: June 22-24.

Location. Wilmington, VT. (see email for directions or email me if you need them).

Over all description: a sick weekend of training over Zie Mountains.


Friday (pre-camp) Show up that evening if you want too.

Evening trail run, optional.

Saturday: show up that morning is fine too: Swim 2-4k earlish morning (8:00 am).

Breakfast: put out. 9:30 am

Make lunch and put in sag wagon. 9:30 am.

5 mountain challenge ride! 11:00 am.

Full sag support, lunch, on ride. Check out the route here: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/35109598

Brick run optional. 6ish pm.

Dinner with the mighty cooking of THE Holistic Guru www.liveandeatbetter.com


Yoga (bring mat if possible) with THE Holistic Guru 7:30 am or whenever the Guru wakes up.

Long run. Peak to Peak. Mt. Snow to Haystack. http://soc.li/AWNUTiF

Afternoon. Swim 2k-4k.

Sunday: leave or go out to eat french fries and nachos.

Ride share. PLEASE USE THE COMMENTS section to offer rides or to ask for a ride and sort out transportation.

Please bring sleeping bags and air mattresses if you have them.

There is no cost, just bring your kick ass spirit, and willingness to train. Whining will be meet with with harsh and unrelenting mocking. Full on complaining may result in an ass kicking and/or being left to die on a mountain will a sign taped to the back of you that reads “bear meat.”.

Please note, this is not a public event. You must RSVP to me, though if I know you, you are likely welcome to come. We have had a TON of RSVP’s which is awesome, and its the most awesome people coming, but we want to be able to plan properly so let us know whats your deal.



  1. Anyone going from NYC area who might have room or might want to share a car?? Thanks!!

  2. so psyched! even that’s an understatment. I think this loop could be fun with a few add-ons for sunday


    There’s Dam Road, which is fun to say, although is a dead end could have nice views or adding on a lunch stop to Monroe in Mass could be sweet along the roads running on both sides of Sherman Resevoir. There is a tunnel Street and a Bosley Hill Road both which look painful and promising. Can send a potential route with the above in next few days

  3. Anyone needing a ride Friday night from NYC, please let me know. I’ll be leaving around 7pm (sorry so late but I don’t get out of work until then)…

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