Do you Want to Be CREW In two thousand and one two


Pic: Bill, Me, Grant, and Ms. Murder: Four of the 8 CREW that rolled up to IMLP to race volunteer, train and kick ass.

I am accepting athletes for 2012. I only have 1 type of plan: an all access to me, 100% custom, 100% individual training plan, interactive training log, and discounts on product sponsors.

I don’t have 1 size fits no-one plans. My coaching philosophy is that athletes are individuals who need individual plans, to help them get the most out of themselves. I believe that the best coaches need to listen more than talk. I believe that we need to build a partnership and relationship as athlete-coach to craft the best plan, workouts and strategies for making you the best you can be, while addressing all the issues that we all face (limited amount of time and energy.)    You are a person, you have a full life, your training plan needs to reflect that.

For nearly a decade I have worked with hundreds of athletes and because of my two way communication I not only provided the best type of coaching but have learned and amassed a huge amount of feedback about what works and what doesn’t. I have read the science, read the training books, gone to the lectures, read the online information, but beyond that I have tested all of the science against the real world training: my coaching is based on where the lab meets the street (or pool), where the rubber meets the road.

Lastly, I am a serious pro, with 7 years on the pro rack. I am filled with passion, excitement, and love of the sport. Being the squad means not only getting a custom training plan, objective feed back, but also as much emotional, and motivational support as well; its a holistic, mind and body to approach to kicking ass. (You think you do race with just your legs and arms?)

None of my athletes have DNF-ed an ironman. I have taken athletes to world champioships (kona, ITU, USAT Nationals, 70.3 World Championships) and have gotten people that never thought they would finish ironman to the finish. I want to work with anyone that wants to work, talent isn’t what I look for first. You bring a good attitude, I will bring knowledge, passion, and experience. You want to do this email me: evilracingcult [at] gmail [ dot] com

Oh and I am also the cheapest around, 95 dollars a month with a 12 month commitment.





  1. Love the write up, talking with you seemed almost too natural, like we had been friends for 20 years. That is what i am looking for in a coach, never though i would have one, But you can thank Sean for the recommendation. And i will thank him after i destroy some races this year. Look forward to speaking again Monday or Tuesday.

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