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“are you going to rise like a lion or just sit their bleeding?”Matisyahu

Two weeks ago I touched down on American soil. I didn’t want to admit I was back and kept my Andalusian beard nicknamed the Granada “dirty dude” after the Granada men who are a Spanish mix of punk and crunchy. (see photo)

The first days were a mix of exhaustion and panic. I returned so wasted I could cry at any moment. SLB is so hard, and for those that do the double it’s 20 days of non stop brutality, and while it leaves you fitter than you think is possible at the end of February, it’s not without a price. Plus “real life” always comes crashing down on my head. Don’t get me wrong, I am stoked to have the work to due, athletes to coach, sponsors to pimp, bikes to sell, and for the first week all I could do was inject caffeine into my eye balls to keep me awake and working.

Also I have learned the hard way you have to recover seriously from SLB. People who don’t pay for it, twice I have returned and rushed into training only to get so sick that I was toast for weeks and lost the gains I made. So I did 4 x 45 minutes of spinning in the first week. The next 3 days were light, double easy workouts. But I made sure to swim because I needed to start that up in earnest.

But by day 11 I was feeling snappy and went out on my ERC bike for the feat legit workout. I killed it. My power was 30-50 watts higher then the workout I did before I left, and I brick ran 6k at a sub 6 minute per mile pace.

I went from 158 to 154 lbs and from 9 percent to 7 percent body fat. I kept training hard Then I entered my first bike race. I jumped up into the pro/1/2/3 field and sat in at 140 bpm. In the past I would be at 170 just to not get dropped. I attacked, got into breaks and raced-raced a p/1/2/3 event.

I am not sick, I am light, fit and training better than I ever have this early into a year. SLB will kill you, but after your resurrection you will be born anew and better.




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