Letters From Spain #2 Cracking On Zaff

“I can’t blend with the ads I see. They are better looking then me. I am holding off for a better deal. Something real.” GB

If its Sunday here it’s Zaffaraya. 6000-7000 feet with a lovely 11k switch back section that you can real get some work done on.

The day started with yoga and core. It was well attended because everyone seemed keen on loosing up. People were less keen on the core as it was less about feeling good and loose and more about a burning pain in ones gut but I always feel good getting that work in.

The ride to the main climb was awesome and we road hard and at threshold for over an hour after a light warm up.

In keeping with my theme of high efforts I decide to go with Dylan and Synjen who went ahead and were doing it twice. I did it 1/2 way up holding above half ironman watts then went down with them and tried to go with them in lap 2. I hung for 10 minutes but they were feeling it and was putting in near 400w surges while screaming “you like?” I did, but my legs didn’t and I cracked so unbelievably hard that it was all I could do to go hard to the 20 minute mark then in a state of pure misery hold a legit tempo to the top. After the climb is the climb out of the climb (only is Spain is there a climb out of the climb) and I crawled home so bonked that I was full on zombied out.

I felt a weird sense of pride as I had cracked myself in 3 days something that normally takes a full week. It’s gonna be a long month.

Foto: Christine our certified holistic health chef and certified yoga instructor looking across the valley on her Evil Racing Cult where we first tested the bikes last year.




  1. Wow, not a cloud in the sky. I’m glad you guys got decent weather there. I am also happy you’re pushing the bike harder than ever, but I worry that if you keep the run volume up you’ll be risking illness (see, 2008&2009 SLB aftermath).
    Keep on killing it John!

  2. yo dawg,tryin to b ah twit…just need my slb fix..am i doin it rite(sp w/dbl intent)

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