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“I know the pieces fit.” Tool

Before the camp started my coach and I looked at the year and the work I ha done in December and January which was mostly strength and base and decided that with my “A” race far off in September some sport specific work would be in order, for me that means my cycling, which is the worst of my 3 legs. Also, while I tend to preach volume, steady-state effort and base for most athletes it’s been 10 years of that and so maybe time to try to mix in some more threshold and above threshold work. A meaningful focus on base got me 4:54 ironman split but I would like to go a bit faster. My take is a focus on endurance will get you to drop 30-120 minutes but when you are done with that you need a focus on speed to get the next 5-10 minutes.

I was having an emotional reaction to this plan because on some irrational level I think of less volume as lazy.
My coach who excels at getting in my head said:

“what are you some kind of baby? You need 10 days to get tired? I want you to shelled in 3 days!”

God I love the way that guy fucks with my head!

We got here a day early to set everything up but somehow got out for a ride. My goal is to ride with the pro roadie Dylan McNicholas who is fresh off a win at cyclo cross nationals masters taking SLB’s second stars and strips national champion kit (the other is USATF ultra marathon champ Miss Murder). 24 hours after that win he took 8th in the men’s pro race. He is being shadowed this year by Synjen a 19 year old cat 2. The two of them like to sit at 400w and chat while I hang on for dear life. This turned out 90 minute spins into tempo sessions for me. I also got a run in the next day which was airport pick up day for everyone coming. as I ran I felt insanely motivated. My mind was racing with all the hopes, dreams and goals for the year and the will to reach them.

The first day was El Torcal. I ride to the top of an ancient volcano that rises 4000 feet over the sea. But the route also includes 3 other big climbs: the 4k el Romel, the 10k Boca De Asno and Puerto del Barco, which has a 17% section. All told it was 125k and 7000+ feet of climbing.

Keeping my with goal of going harder I did each with 10 minute sections at above threshold effort and got in 4×10 minutes of brutal training with in a 5-6 hour base ride. By the end I was a mess and it’s only technically day 1! Then I brick ran 10l to keep it real and to remind all the roadies that triathletes do more but mostly because I love running and the running trails here are amazing.




  1. Keep the updates coming! Glad to hear its def started up with a shelling!

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