“let’s start today”

“What’s the cost, of living your life? How important is the time we spent, because you can bet: there will be a smile on my face.” – Gorilla Biscuits

I am still searching for that feeling I had when I was 15. Smashed again the front of the stage of the Anthrax Club in Norwalk CT. Gorilla Biscuits had made the trip from NYC. Kings of the positive youth/straight edge scene this was a life changing moment, or I should say part of a series of them. As I screamed along an jumped on, off and around the stage I knew the following:

1) this mattered.
2) all the things people told me mattered; didn’t.

I have struggled with that realization ever since.

Since those days GB and the club have died. me and my best friends played in bands and carried the flame of the ideas and more importantly the FEELING of the scene and music. But even that faded and in time even the film of those days has faded to black like many of the memories.

I have tried to find that feeling ever since. on the start line nothing stupid matters. I bet you get it. I bet you want something pure to. Something that’s not about money. Something you cant buy. That feeling of believing in something and that the thing you believe in is true, pure, sincere.

Sport gives us that. In its heart sport is pure. Despite all the layers of corruption that gets heaped on a sport, the core is pure and comes out. You can buy wheels but you cant by speed. An entry buys you a bib number but only you can earn the finish, and the result. The money spent on sport is the furthest thing you will ever think about as you run down the chute of an event. Don’t get me wrong, getting ripped off sucks. But I always want to remember why we do what we do. Because what we do passionately matters, and everything else doesn’t. And no one knew that better than that 15 year old kid waiting for those magical first notes in that club. Remember What Matters. Go!
(pic: it’s a gluten free cherrio and gluten free tounge javelin)



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