Zen Tri After Party Continues

“you say I got crazy eyes.” -Janes Addiction

Everyday has something special here. The last two days were awesome. Two days ago was a 3 hour ride then a trip up The 20k 3000+ foot Mt Palomar. This is a legit climb and a great way to finish off 5 hours on the bike. I tried to hold steady-tempo but my legs are getting heavy and were cooked from the 7.5 hours the day prior. I held 220w for 90 minutes, meh but i will take it. Then it was a screaming down hill! Weeee! I topped the day off with a sunset ride run up the local hills for an hour and to top off 6 more hours.

The next day was 101 miles ending on the famed 101 highway. The first 100k was all climbing through the inland hills and then a fast drop down to the ocean. The miles ticked away under sunny skies and at this point after the days prior I was really feeling frayed. But as the ride went on I felt better and better. At the end Christine attacked and dropped me on a climb 98 miles in. I went 300 watts but could only barely catch up! She is so strong!

Hear it’s snowing back home…
(foto: top of Mt Palomar)




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