Training In Isreal

Training in Isreal 

1/12 flight 15 hours total time. Sleep 2 hours. Transfer At Istanbul which was once Constantinople but now it’s Istanbul not Constantinople, Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s nobodies business but the Turks. (Now you have the catchest song ever in your head!) 

1/13 land at 12:30. Rental car, drive and in pool at 4. 3600m swim. 1 hour strength workout. So pumped to be here and working out. Motivation > need for sleep. 

1/14. 5 hour drive to Eilat. 4 x 1500 foot mountain. 3.5 hours. 1 hour core, PT, strength session. 10k run. That was hard. But I put out great power and high heart rate! Legs are fresh but jet lag and travel are real and likely holding me back a bit. But again motivation is super high! 

1/15 run up 1500 foot mountain. Run Down 1500 foot mountain! Ouch. At zone 4 155-170 hr. Swim 4k in Red Sea without wetsuit. 57 min. Ride up mountain and some more for 2 hour ride. REALLY felt the jetlag today and couldn’t push the run over LT. Swim was strong and did it without a wetsuit to make it even more cruel. 

1/16: 4k swim with wetsuit even faster. Woot. 10k run easy. 90 min recovery ride out to Egypt boarder. Cracked and need to pull myself together a bit. The swim was with a group and felt like a race we went 56 minutes for the IM distance. Want tomorrow to be quality so after the swim I am focusing on recovery. 

1/17 2k all out in 25min. 90k with all the climbing, wind and fun! 15k fun on course at sub 4min per k. Swim was good, first 1/2 of bike was good, then I kinda lost it for a bit and came good at the end. On race day there can be no letting up. I am gonna do my next race sim with that in mind. 

1/18. “Hey we need a recovery day Ohad.” “How about we do 150k with all the mountains. There is a cool vegan hippie Kibbutz with good coffee.” “Ok.”  5+ hours @200w fml. 

1/19 5k warm up. 6 x 1 k 3:30-3:47. 2k cool down. Drive north. Totally cracked. 

1/20: 3.8k swim with lots of strength work. 90 min ride meant to be intervals but ended up recovery bc I am smashed! 60 min gym session. 10k easy run. Ohad owns a gym and we had it to ourselves and cranked music and it was sublime. Having a gym to myself makes me love working out. Also Ohad is a beast and really just always pushes me to do more. Like these gym sessions we tag on to long hard days! 

1/21 finally a recovery day? Nope: 3k swim. But that’s it. I am coming undone. 

1/22 race simulator as 5 x 17k loop 1 easy, 1 best effort, 1 easy, 1 best effort, 1/2 easy, 1/2 best effort. 40k LT brick run. Goal here was to hit half IM goal watts late in the ride which I did! 

1/23 3k swim / 2 hour mountain run. Headed to Golan Heights and ran in snow! What a crazy place! To go from the desert and 70 degrees to the mountains and snow! 

1/24 taper starts!