Training Camp 1 (NC / Florida)

“I don’t mind the sun sometimes and the imagines it shows.” -Butthole Surfers

So here is my training for this last trip….

S: long run / swim in nyc. Cold! Gross! Get me out of here!
M: swim long, and nice hard gym-strength sessions.
T: quick swim before hitting the road in the snow! Boooooo!
W: Asheville is so pretty! Cold (20 degrees) but let’s run up mountains! 60 min) ok let’s ride up mountains! 2 hours up hard tempo! 20 miles of a single long steady climb! So sick! 1 hour down with my face freezing!

T: 1 hour mountain repeats running! Up up up! 5 hours all up and down! No flat riding allowed! feed me! Perfect for Israman which is crazy hilly!

F: drive south, it’s too cold here! Land in FL and swim outside in warm weather! Ahhhhhhh

S: swim (long) / 5k race / Hath yoga Look at me, I won 5th place and top masters! I won a Xmess tree for my hotel room here!

S swim (lots of long course outdoor meters. So much joy! bike speed intervals with 5 x 5 min all out. Total madness and brutality/ easy run off the bike / yoga at the national training center. So hippie, so good.

M swim (speed) Churn and burn! / bike strength intervals / easy run….or track workout? You know I picked track! 16 x 400 all out! 1:24-1:27 with 1/2 of them uphill / downhill to simulate israman course! Funny enough the swim speed 100s was also on 1/24-1:27! New game, can you run 400s and do 100 on same pace!?!?!

T long run / swim (strength) Not that bad of a run considering legs blown apart from speed work!

W Xmess NTC is close, but Harry Potter World is open!

T race sim 70 miles Best effort I can rock. Brick run 4 miles at race pace.

F swim (long) / gym-strength work / travel 

S: finish drive (off)

S: welcome back to the cold, let’s race cyclists cross! Too tied to train, so I raced! So stupid it’s smart!!!!