Day 15

“lets do something stupid.” – Bobby

When you are too tired to train, race. I know, its dumb, but its so stupid its smart or as my coach Jim Ortel would say, “its so stupid its stupid.” Which is why I told him about this idea AFTER the race. So for day 15 I woke up to cold weather, no longer in Florida and back home in NY, and dragged my exhausted ass out to Sawyer Cross. A race series that STARTS in late December. In fact you may recall that I started this all off with the other race in the series. I love cross because its fun, the “fans” jeer, cheer, throw beer, and its just totally silly to race bikes in snow, mud, and dirt. but its also HARD! Super fast, lots of all out effort, and tons of high end work. Basically the best speed work there is. And with my mind shot, I needed that little extra motivation to that comes with a bib number and someone to chase and someone chasing you.

With not a lot of racers the race is cat 1-4. That is a wide range of talent. Some better, more serious cross riders got off the front and I was in the middle some place battling with others about my talent grade and also battling with a few demons that were tempting me with promises of a hot shower and donuts. But I kept the pedal down and after the longest hour I know I had truly emptied myself one more time spending most of the hour above my lactic threshold and endless 100% max efforts to ride up hills, through sand or to chase someone or drop someone. Big shout out to Boston Commons Coffee for bringing me back from the dead to get to, through, and back from the event, all of which required a coffee. Also much love to My Energy Spring for getting me through the second half of the race. With a hard 40 min warm up, I needed a gel half way through the race and theirs was CRITICAL.


sawyer cross